Are you attached with any GANG, or do you have a specific group of friends, then you definitely find these type of people in your group. Often they will seem to be an alien kind of people to you, but you will definitely enjoy their presence among your group. So, just check these posters and try to find the match from your group. Please ignore if you find yourself in these posters…:-)

Fatty One…who use to eat maximum amount of food whenever you share your tiffin


Tall One…who always try to stand in front of your group to see what the matter is going on…


Fighter One…who never use own lips and tongue to give a solution of a problem…


Dark One…who always try to experiment with fluorescent colored dress…


Strong One…definitely this one is the bodyguard of your group.


And The last One is…Dull…who always try to give a better solution but ultimately fail.


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Anand Singh
When programming gets dull and cumbersome, I vent out by writing. It's therapeutic and makes me feel at peace. Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!