What do you do when you find a word you don’t know the meaning of, or a song whose name you can’t remember? You Google it, of course!


Picture Source DesiGoogleSearches

From the nearest ATM shop to offbeat travel destinations, Google has become like our loving, ever-knowledgable mother, whom we go to whenever we have any questions. However, the examples I just gave were of the regular, predictable searches on Google. We Indians however, don’t believe in doing things the mainstream way, cause we’re cool like that. So our searches range from “how to pass in exams without studying” to “where to find weed” and the like.


Picture Source DesiGoogleSearches

The Twitterati seem to have caught news of this, as today, thousands of Twitter users decided to have some innocent fun at the expense of the naive, desi Google searcher, and the hashtag #DesiGoogleSearches started trending in no time! Check out some of the absolute gems that had us guffawing on the floor!


1. Buy 2 Brinjals, get 1 free?

2. Play Dinkey Kong, what else?

3. Please DON’T. Must. Not. Laugh.

4. The elusive mystery of life!

5. Still waiting for the answer to this.

6. Maybe you should lock the door first?

7. For God’s sake, why??!

8. Book fast, get dowry on delivery.

9. If only we could figure this out!

10. Darling, you need to get out more.

11. Accio love potion!

You might think you’re making fun of us, Twitterati, but we know you’re just jealous of our swag. Huehuehue!

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