Obsession is a thought that occupies your mind completely. You will forget everything when it comes in your life. Generally people are obsessed with Love, with Job and Responsibilities, with Children etc. But have you ever seen that a whole country is obsessed with the ‘same’ things? All the people, being a man or woman, boy or girl, everybody possesses few similar obsessions for all the time. Come let’s check it out, what are they…

1. Getting Fair…whether an educated or an illiterate, all of the people want to get fair to represent themselves. (Though they don’t look like ‘Nigro’ or ‘Black-Man’)



2. ‘Talk in English’…no I think ‘Speak in English’, or ‘Talking’..or ‘Speaking’…but…OMG…Confused…



3. Religion…there are different types of religions for different types of people, all believe in those, but who is fond of which religion is a confusing matter.



4. Cricket…people use to drop schools, colleges, office, parties everything for this obsession. Even the housewives use to dump their favorite TV serials for this obsession.



5. Marriage…as the name suggested, it is related to the AGE, whether a boy or a girl, both suffers from this obsession.



6. Engineering…without this degree you are not a Man. Whether you have a good job or not, a degree is must which represent yourself.


It’s completed till now though we’ll try to find some more to entertain you.

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Anand Singh
When programming gets dull and cumbersome, I vent out by writing. It's therapeutic and makes me feel at peace. Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!