You wake up early in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and your daily newspaper. You expect to be updated on current affairs and the everyday bollywood scoop, instead all you get is sheets full of lies!

In India, census is being undertaken in every decade for several years. Population census informs you about the number of people inhabiting a country, number of literates, number of children, sex ratio and more. What remains a matter of argument and constant speculation is the Religious census; the need of it and also the significance. The recently released 2011 census reveals information that has agitated the public. The country’s leading newspapers have decided to make news of their own. They have decided to stick to interpretations rather than the truth.


Data of the 2011 census mounted to sensitivity and was thus withheld by the then government in power. The data is said to be invulnerable and holds integrity. Now that it has finally surfaced, the results seem ambivalent if one goes by The Hindu and The Times Of India. The former believes decadal Muslim growth rate is at its lowest while the latter goes by a moderate increase in the same. After four long years, the figures were released on Tuesday, while the caste data is yet to rear its head. However, the main question still remains unanswered. Is it really necessary? Some say that the data has social and economical significance and have termed it as a social experiment. While others find it needless and a waste of resources. Needless or not, the important point is that do we know the truth or are we being fed opinions and perspectives, every morning with our coffee?

Source – Josy Joseph

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