Put your hands on your waist, and the other hand up, and take a spin! Sounds familiar? Yeah, we’re talking about your favorite childhood superhero, Shaktimaan! Guess what, he’s all set to make a royal comeback!

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Yep, you heard that right! Mukesh Khanna, who played the iconic role of Shaktimaan around 15 years ago is arranging a revival of the show, already talking to various channels. The actor was quoted saying,

We are planning the return of Shaktimaan on television and the discussions are going on with few channels. I can’t commit the date but you will get to see it soon.

Having been this long since he donned the gold and red suit, Khanna isn’t exactly in the shape he used to be, but he’s started working on his physique, having lost 8kgs already. Shaktimaan was never known for being the bulked up crimefighter with ripped abs, so he’s simply trying to match up to how he used to look when he played the superhero who’d become a household name.


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He even joked that he doesn’t get other roles that easily, as people immediately associate him with Shaktimaan whenever they see him. That’s why he wanted to revive the show, and did not want to hand over the reigns to anyone else.

I was very young when I played the role of Bhishmapitama in Mahabharat. I feel an actor can’t be restricted due to age.

Well, if all goes well, it looks like we’re soon gonna be able to rejoice and reconnect with our childhood, with the 2nd run of Shaktimaan with our beloved actor in the lead, once again! And who knows, we might even get to have our favorite villain Tamraj Kilvish also make an appearence, chanting “Andhera kayam rahe”!

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