Kim Kardashian just gave birth to her son Saint West around 3 months ago, and ever since, the reality TV star has understandably kept her life pretty much under wraps. But on Monday, Miss Kardashian West once again broke the internet by posting a fully nude selfie of herself on Twitter, apparently to show off her post-baby figure!

A few strategically placed black bars covering her modesty, the mother-of-two certainly didn’t seem like she had let the pregnancy bring her down even a little! However, from her later Tweets, we found out that the pic was actually of her incredible curves during her time at The Paris Fashion Week last year, when she decided to shock everyone by dying her hair platinum blonde. kim kardashian naked selfie

The caption for the recent Tweet, which says, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”, however, doesn’t really seem all that probable, having seen the innumerable tweets of Kim in designer dresses and expensive outfits galore, all part of her personal wardrobe.

kim kardashian naked selfie

Picture Source  kim kardashian naked selfie

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shortly posted yet another nude selfie, a black and white photo of herself this time, with her arms covering her privates, and the caption: “#liberated.”

While a number of people have expressed outrage at the tweet, calling it just another publicity stunt, several of her fans have shown encouragement and support of the star, admiring her confidence.

Now it’s probably a coincidence, but her tweet popping up just before The International Women’s Day does seem just a tad bit suspicious. But when it’s all said and done, if she feels comfortable and confident about her own body and wants to show it off, who are we to say any different?

kim kardashian naked selfiePicture Source  kim kardashian naked selfie

Who says a mother and a wife cannot be sexy and beautiful? You go, girl!

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