Snapdeal surely isn’t very happy with Bansals, be it the Flipkart Bansals or the new kid in the block who gave them a tough time. We are talking about Nikhil Bansal, the 20-year-old engineering student from Punjab.


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Nikhil is just another guy who is fascinated by iPhones and wanted to buy one. Like his peers, Nikhil is also a huge fan of online shopping and so he decided to purchase one from Snapdeal. To his surprise and utter luck, on March 31, 2014, Snapdeal was selling an iPhone for Rs 68! A discount of Rs 46,651, can you believe it? Well, you kinda have to coz that’s what happened.

Young Bansal was very agile and placed the order immediately and got a confirmation for the same. But, he later received an email that his order has been cancelled. To understand the matter clearly, Nikhil contacted the customer care service only to be informed that there was a “technical glitch” and nothing can be done.

Nikhil was disheartened. He ordered an iPhone 5S for the full price from Flipkart but he didn’t stop there. He filed a complaint at the consumer forum against Snapdeal at Sangrur.

In March 2015, Sangrur district consumer forum ruled in Nikhil’s favour and ordered Snapdeal to give him the iPhone for Rs 68 along with Rs 2000 for compensation.

The young guy was contacted and he said,

I didn’t have a problem paying the money. Still, my parents felt that we should go to the consumer forum. What if a product is sometimes overpriced and money is not returned after the transaction has gone through?

Nikhil also said that he holds no grudges against the online-shopping website and will surely shop there again!

Well, congratulations on your iPhones and could you let us know the procedure through which you busted Snapdeal’s ass? A lot of people will find that helpful! Isn’t it ppl?