In the continued episode of “intolerance” in India, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s car was pelted with stones by the right wing members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), in Ahmedabad.

SRK attacked

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The actor was in Ahmedabad, shooting for his upcoming movie, “Raees” at the Sarkhej Roza, with co-star Mahira Khan. He was staying at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Ahmedabad’s Ashram Road, and his Mercedes was parked in the parking lot of the hotel. Around 4 am on Sunday, Feb 14th, 15-16 bikers pelted the car with stones, shouting “Sri Ram”, and saying slogans against the actor. Hotel security tried to stop them, however, the miscreants had their faces covered, and fled on their bikes.

SRK attacked

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According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, BU Jadeja, 8 to 10 people threw stones in the open parking lot of Hyatt Regency Hotel on Ashram Road, where Mr Khan’s vehicle was parked, and fled from the spot.

“As per the complaint lodged by the Security Officer of the hotel, eight to 10 persons came on bikes and threw stones on cars parked in the open parking lot early this morning. Due to the stone pelting, the windscreen of Shah Rukh Khan’s car got damaged.”

said Mr Jadeja.

“We have learnt that Shah Rukh Khan was not there in the hotel when the incident took place. Some of his crew members, who have come here for shooting, were staying in the hotel. Shah Rukh landed in the city this afternoon for the shoot.”

– He added.

Later in the day, the police identified one of the accused. Nilesh Arya, a young and active member of the VHP, who had been present along with 15-16 others. He was arrested under IPC 143, 147, 336 and 188 sections. Around 2.30 pm on the same day, 17 members of the BJP Yuva Morcha, led by Kunjal Shah, burned the actor’s effigies, shouting protests outside the hotel. They were arrested at around 5.30 pm under section 188.   SRK attacked

SRK attacked

Picture Source     SRK attacked

Recently, the Bollywood star has been facing a lot of negativity and hatred ever since he lent his voice to the debate of intolerance in India in November, last year. Actor Amir Khan was a victim of similar outrage because of the statement that he had made.

SRK attacked

Picture Source   SRK attacked

Getting even more and more disappointed and disillusioned by the minute, it feels shameful to even say that we live in a democratic country anymore. For all our hurt egos and bruised pride, whenever we hear the words “intolerant” and “India”, used together, we certainly are growing increasingly so. If we cannot respect another person’s opinion, then what is the value of our “Freedom of Speech”, of our Constitution? In a country where a reward of 1 lakh is publicly offered to anyone who slaps an actor for simply speaking his mind, is “tolerant” really the word we can use to describe ourselves?? Especially when almost each and every single one of us, at some point, has made a comment on the lines of “Nothing’s ever gonna happen in this country”.   SRK attacked

You can check out IBN’s coverage of the incident, below.  SRK attacked

It’s time we really take a long hard look at ourselves and stop letting hypocritical egos rule us, instead of rational, mature thought.    SRK attacked

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