Gorillas surround a man and mistake him as their own. What happens next is unbelievable!

Posted by Joking Ree onĀ Friday, September 18, 2015


John and his friends decided to have an expedition in Uganda and observe Mountain Gorillas. However, things changed while he was trying to take pictures of the wildlife. How often do you see gorillas surround a man and him making it out alive? A group of Silverback Gorillas surrounded him and started to observe him! Dressed in a black T-shirt, John seemed to the gorillas as one of their own. They started to inspect him and groom him as they would have done to their own. John was stunned and froze. He hunched and sat still with a smile plastered on his face to show that he meant no harm.

Gorillas surround a man

Check out this cool video of John’s friends mocking him while taping the whole incident!