Kamaal R Khan is one man probably everyone knows about, and asks themselves exactly why they do. Obnoxious, crass, and utterly unrestrained, the self-styled movie critic repeatedly insults everyone from Bollywood to Politicians, commenting on Sonakshi Sinha’s weight, Alia Bhatt’s attire, and what not!

funny krk tweets

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Take a look at 10 of the most ridiculously mindless and stupidest tweets by the “lajawaab launda” that’ll actually make you glad to be a 2RsPpl compared to him!

  1. His formula for success for Parineeti Chopra? Lose weight, of course!

2. The time when he openly proved himself to be the ignorant idiot he is!

3. The time when he went full on creepy and didn’t even understand why people got pissed.

4. The time when it seemed like he actually knew how much of a punishment his tweets actually are.

5. The time when he didn’t even spare Babuji in his quest to prove himself an ass.

6. All hail the new Dr. Phil, Kamaal R Khan!

7. The time when he made fun of one of the worst experiences of an aspiring Bollywood actor.

8. The time he was overly curious about Kareena Kapoor’s preferences in men.

9. The time when he openly supported a horrific assault on journalists outside a courtroom.

10. The time he let everyone know where his mind wanders off while watching a kiss scene.

funny krk tweets

Well, one thing is for sure, though, you might be appalled by him, but you certainly cannot deny his consistency!

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