You know how nowadays several social experiments are performed to find out what society’s reaction to a particular situation is like? Well, RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi did something like that, very recently, and shared the video on Facebook. The video with an important lesson, went viral in no time, with over 45000 reactions and 57000 shares in just 2 days!

Picture Source father finding out its a girl

The video, titled “You are because of her” shows Naved sharing an elevator ride with strangers, in the midst of which he gets a call where he finds out he’s just become a father. There’s a slight catch, however.

Picture Source father finding out its a girl

In the first part of the video, Naved finds out that he’s had a son, and overjoyed beyond measure, he shares the news with them, who congratulate the excited father. But then he gets a call that changes everything. He gets to know that it was actually a girl. That’s when his reaction changes. “Sorry, it’s a girl“, says Naved, disheartened.

Watch the video below to find out the reactions of the people.

If you watched it till the end, you understand how vital and right this experiment was. All I’ll say is that we all need to take a very important lesson from this, and right now. Cause if not now, then when?