It’s FarOut Akhtar‘s birthday and if you don’t know why I wrote FarOut then you are obviously not a fan! But, worry not ‘coz we are gonna make one out of you.

He describes himself as a writer, director, actor, singer, songwriter, founder of MARD Initiative and UN women Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia. We describe him as oh-so-pretty face, intense eyes, husky-meets-sexy voice and an altogether OH-WOW guy! There isn’t a human who hasn’t known him and been uncharmed. Even Emma Watson couldn’t resist complimenting him.

Farhan Akhtar is just a guy-next-door


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After Lakshya, I surrounded myself with my buddies and got very drunk. You have to find humour in what went wrong, that acts as a shock absorber. Of course, at that time, all I could think of was “Where is the sharpest possible knife, I have wrists that need looking into.”


He does not believe in stereotypes

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Forget the studies that say otherwise, men and women can be just friends… It’s totally possible – and important


He gives the Best advice


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The best thing a man’s dad can do for him is, leave him be…


When he freaks out!!!


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‘Let’s go to the theatre and watch it with the crowd!’ and I was like, ‘There’s no way. If somebody starts talking in the middle of a scene I’m just going to lose it.’ For three days I pretty much stayed home alone.


Being a kid!


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We were on a flight back from London, and the Indian cricket team — Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar — the World Cup winning team was on our flight. So I took my little book, and I got the autographs of this entire cricket team… If there was one thing I’ve lost and could get back, that would be it.


Totally shuts up jerks

Farhan Akhtar


We weren’t kidding about Emma

Farhan Akhtar

And this is why my friends, we are so smitten by Farhan *cute* Akhtar and we know you are too! Isn’t he just adorable!? 😀


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Excerpts from GQ