Poonam and Arjun had no idea that some day they will be entering the bonds of holy matrimony but the day has come when the blessed couple receive all the love in the world that there is and become man and wife.

But why are we telling you about this? Because Poonam and Arjun are a cattle couple who recently got married in Bhavnagar, Gujrat! The two bovines finally made it to the matrimonial ceremonies along with an entourage of villagers, priests, businessmen and cow protection activists.


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On Thursday, Vijay Parsana, an Ahmedabad-based businessman, decided to turn the mating event into something educational. Parsana has been advocating the importance of rearing cows and in light of it, he decided to take it public. He has two cows, Radha and Poonam, both of the Gir breed. When Poonam turned two and a half years, it was time for her mating.

Being in the fitness field, Parsana vouches for the cow and its health benefits. he believes that every household should have at least one cow. To send out this exact message, he arranged Poonam’s wedding. For the groom, they picked Arjun from Guru Dattatreya Ashram and Gaushala in Kotiya.

The wedding took place under the proper rituals and customs with the blessings of a huge number of villagers who had crowded to witness this amazing scene of cattle marriage.

44-year-old Vijay Parsana told Indian Express,

Only a cow can take us forward. Since I’m in the fitness field, I vouch for the good effect of cow products on our health. I believe there should be a cow in each household in the country. To send this message, we are celebrating Poonam’s marriage as a public event.

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