Model Carol Gracias broke some major stereotypes when she walked the runway at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016 with her baby bump.

On Thursday, the fashion show at Mumbai saw, ex Bigg Boss contestant, strutting down the ramp with utmost elan and pride for Hyderabad-based designer Gaurang Shah. What won over the audience was Carol’s confidence. She was dressed in a green and pink sari and high heels!

Carol believes saris are meant for all kinds of women and an expecting mother is one of them.

I have been doing his (Gaurang’s) shows for many years now, so this time as usual he called and asked if he could book me. I told him I was pregnant and he still asked if I would walk for the show. So, I gave it a thought, and realised that the clothes to be showcased are meant for all kinds of women. I thought if the designer would like me in his show, then why not? I really enjoyed the experience.

Designer Gaurang Shah’s collection Calico combines vintage and traditional Indian textiles bringing out the early 20th-century Indian royalty. On Carol, Shah said,

My assistant asked me what do we do? Do we still ask her to walk? And I thought well, what’s the big deal? It’s a natural thing. Though, we didn’t realise how advanced in the pregnancy she was until we saw the baby bump just before the show.

Carol’s confidence swept the audience and the entire internet when Shah posted the picture on Instagram. He says,

Even while draping the sari, I thought she’d want to cover up but she was very confident and tied the sari low-waist. I asked her: would you be able to walk with high heels and she just said: ‘I’ll do it!’ … And it connected with the audiences. Even though it wasn’t planned that way, she became my showstopper!


@carolmgracias walking for #GaurangShah at #LakmeFashionWeek. #momtobe #Gaurang @lakmefashionwk

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The fashion industry, where everything is based on the body image, happily responded to Carol’s walk. We hope that this trend never goes out of fashion.

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